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What is included in interfaith efforts?

This category covers the interfaith work in which Muslim Americans engage with other faith groups. It includes interfaith dialogue in which panelists discuss the similarities and differences between their faiths. It also includes interfaith meals, walks, and volunteering work that Muslims participate in which are intended to promote understanding and harmony among different faith groups.

Inker Yildiz, left, Steve Sherman, Emine Yildiz, Kerem Akif Yidiz and Rabbi Heidi M. Cohen join together to break a fast at Temple Beth Sholom in Santa Ana on Friday. A celebration of interfaith, jews and muslims sat down during Ramadan on Shabbat to get to know one another and eat lentil soup, potatoes, chicken and dessert. 

(Deepa Bharath, Orange County Register)

Local Muslim and Jewish communities celebrate Ramadan and Shabbat together at a synagogue in Santa Ana, CA. The communities mixed Shabbat dinner with Iftar services in an effort to bring the two communities together and bridge gaps.

Interfaith Dialogue Ohio University
(Jessica St. James, The Iron Tribune)

An interfaith panel takes place at Ohio University Southern in Ironton, OH. The panel, which was dubbed as “InterFaith Dialogue: Finding our Common Ground” consisted of Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim panelists. The Muslim panelist said that although Islam is a peaceful religion, Muslims have faced misconceptions spreaded about their religion. 

Interfaith Amigos Ohio
(TK Barger, The Blade)

The Interfaith Amigos, an interfaith trio consisting of a rabbi, a priest, and an imam, speak at the University of Ohio in Toledo, OH. The trio led the annual Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue for the university’s Center for Religious Understanding with a workshop titled“The Practice of Effective Interfaith Dialogue.”

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