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What is included in ask a Muslim?

To dispel misconceptions about Muslims, Muslim Americans create opportunities to answer questions non-Muslims have about Muslims and non-Muslims. Because the goal is to correct the wide spread misinformation about Muslims, participators are encouraged to ask any questions they have ranging from the rights of women in Islamic theology to Middle Eastern politics. “Ask a Muslim” events take place on metropolitan street corners, public libraries, college campuses, and private living rooms.

Robert Azzi Ask a Muslim
(Meghan Pierce, Union Leader)

‘Ask a Muslim Anything’ forum is held at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Peterborough, NH. Photojournalist and columnist Robert Azzi answered questions about Islam, ISIS, and women’s rights for about two hours. Azzi indicated that the event was supposed to dispell myths about Islam and foster understanding. 100 people attended the event. 

Ahmadiyya ask a muslim 2
(Carly Baldwin, Patch New Brunswick)

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association holds a ‘Meet a Muslim’ event in New Brunswick, NJ. The volunteers held signs in downtown street corners with signs that said ‘meet a Muslim’ or ‘I’m a Muslim, ask me anything.’ The event was part of a nation-wide effort to battle misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

Moina Shaiq Meet a Muslim
(The Associated Press, Richmond Times Dispatch)

Moina Shaiq hosts “Ask a Muslim” event at a Niles Rotary Club in Freemont, CA. Shaiq has long held meet a muslim events in the San Francisco Bay area to dispel myths about Islam and give people a chance to ask real questions. At the recent event, a man asked how to combat Islamic extremism to which she replied, “this is where you start.” 

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